Shawn Layden joins Streamline Advisory Board

    Written by Streamline Media Group
    Jul 27, 2021 6:54:52 AM

    Former Chairman of PlayStation Worldwide Studios and former President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment America brings decades of experience to innovate the future of gaming with Streamline Media Group

    Today, Streamline Media Group announced that gaming industry veteran Shawn Layden has joined its advisory board. Layden will advise the company on its overall global strategy for video games and enterprise.  

    Layden was most recently the Chairman of PlayStation Worldwide Studios and previously served as CEO of SIE America, and Executive Vice President, and COO of Sony Network Entertainment International. Layden's career started in 1987 in the corporate communications department as the assistant to Sony co-founder Akio Morita. Shawn played a key role in launching and running the PlayStation consoles over the last 20 years and is a well-regarded executive in the gaming industry with credible industry insights on gaming's future.


    "We are honored and excited to have Shawn on board as we align on where we see the video games industry going and ultimately how it can provide social-economic mobility for current and future generations," says Streamline Media Group CEO and Co-Founder Alexander Fernandez. "The lines between media, entertainment, technology, and video games have converged into the Metaverse. Now is the time to build a sustainable structure around it that progresses the evolution of business models and welcomes more people, voices, and talent to shape it."


    With 30-years at Sony, Layden brings with him a wealth of knowledge that can identify and address gaps and areas for change in this $175.8Bn industry. "Interactive gaming's second epoch is ending. We are now at a breakout point. The cost of creation is not sustainable," says Layden. "The industry is ripe for disruption. It's time for someone to come in, break the wheel, and let more people participate. Streamline is exceptional at delivering the ask and is positioned to transform the business."


    The alignment is poised to accelerate the digital transformation of business, creativity, and consumer engagement. As Layden and Fernandez reflected in their People + Strategy article Designing the Game of Work, there is an opportunity, and an obligation, to improve, grow, and nurture the future of work. 


    This announcement comes on the heels of Streamline's global expansion into the Americas, with headquarters in Las Vegas and a recruitment drive for software engineers and game developers. With diversity and representation at its core, Streamline is actively recruiting applicants to support the industry's growth while also transforming traditional businesses through the implementation of video game technology.

    Hear more from Shawn in his podcast episode for Video Games Real Talk

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