IBM Tech Visionaries Join Streamline Advisory Board

    Written by Streamline Media Group
    Oct 28, 2022 8:30:00 AM

    Samuel J. Palmisano and Christopher G. Caine join Streamline Media Group Advisory Board

    Former IBM Chairman and Corporate VP join Streamline to help connect the global digital transformation with video game technology

    October 27, 2022 - Today, we revealed the latest additions to our Advisory Board. Samuel J. Palmisano and Christopher G. Caine align their visions for the future of technology with Streamline's mission to deliver innovative solutions to global enterprise businesses. 

    Samuel Palmisano Streamline Media Group

    For over a century, IBM, the world's leading IT services provider, has been committed to technological innovations that advance society. As Chairman, President, and CEO of IBM for over a decade, Palmisano shaped the digital world as we know it today, transitioning the iconic multinational company into a globally integrated enterprise and setting the course for the era of digital transformation.   

    "Sam defined what it means to be a successful global tech leader," says Alexander Fernandez, Streamline Media Group CEO and Co-Founder. "His decades of work to deliver technological advancement for social economic growth is why Streamline approached him to become an Advisor."

    Christopher Caine Streamline Media Group"Alexander has built an incredible team at Streamline who have keen insights that can apply the craft and technology of game development to global enterprises," states Palmisano. "Streamline is willing to embrace change and find solutions for positive global impact in their industry and beyond."

    Christopher G. Caine, former Corporate Vice President of Governmental Programs at IBM, spent thirteen years directing corporate responsibility for global public policy issues and helped to integrate and develop best practices on a global scale successfully.

    "Chris has a vision towards global effectiveness and accessibility," continues Fernandez. "Through government relations and public policy, he has strategically implemented best practices that addressed, challenged, and improved due diligence within the tech industry. His guidance will steer Streamline toward meaningful change as we navigate the future of games and the metaverse."

    Streamline's Advisory Board has attracted impressive visionaries within media, entertainment, technology, and business. Palmisano and Caine join Steve Rubin Esq., David G. Wilson, and Shawn Layden to guide Streamline through the next era of digital transformation.

    The global pandemic accelerated the merger of the games and tech industries with the needs of traditional businesses. Businesses are embracing new ways to work, interact, build brand loyalty, and drive revenue. At the height of change, definitions are sought, a new language emerges, and so the "metaverse" became mainstream. The metaverse is the intersection between media, entertainment, business, and technology. In a survey conducted by EY,97% of gaming executivesbelieve the games industry is the center of that metaverse.

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