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Macro Investors and The Metaverse

Written by Video Games Real Talk
Oct 18, 2021 6:23:25 AM

Video Games Real Talk - Macro Investors and The Metaverse

In this week's episode, Alexander interviews Raoul Pal, one of the world’s most respected Cryptocurrency experts, CEO and co-founder of Real Vision, a financial media business, and founder of Global Macro Investor, an institutional research service.

Alexander and Raoul discuss the interweaving of macro investing, the metaverse, gaming, crypto, and blockchain.

Topics discussed:

  1. What is macro investing?
  2. The pre-discovery of Bitcoin and blockchain
  3. The global economy and the fragility of it.
  4. Raoul’s message to everyone about getting involved in the world of crypto.
  5. Opportunities in society with a system of money in a digital world. And much more!

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