La Gozadera with Luis Guzman and Casper Martinez

Written by Video Games Real Talk
Oct 24, 2021 1:12:56 AM

Video Games Real Talk - La Gozadera with Luis Guzman and Casper Martinez

In this week's episode, we’re revisiting The Interview with Luis Guzman and Casper Martinez! Alexander Fernandez, the host of Video Games Real Talk, was a guest on The Luis Guzman and Casper Show to talk about the launch of Bake ‘n Switch, Latino’s in the game development and technology world, and a very special guest drops in!

Topics Discussed:

  1. Projects Alexander’s company has worked on.
  2. The launch of Bake ‘n Switch for Nintendo Switch.
  3. How we can get more Latino’s in the game industry.
  4. Alexander’s YouTube channel, Starveup.
  5. A special guest makes an appearance. And much more!

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