AltspaceVR collaborates with Streamline Studios

    Written by Streamline Studios
    Nov 10, 2020 12:09:10 AM

    2020 has been a turbulent year for everyone. For the first time in recent history, the world shut down, and a large portion of humanity found themselves shuttered at home. During this time, AltspaceVR was hard at work on their latest avatar update.

    AltspaceVR is a free social software that allows users to create avatars of themselves to meet in virtual spaces. You can have meetings, parties, open mic sessions, and many other social events using the platform. It was the perfect time to give people new ways to meet up with their friends, family, and even strangers in a virtual world from the safety of their own homes.

    AltspaceVR partnered with Streamline to build out their latest set of avatars. The overall goal for AltspaceVR was to update their avatars by adding more options for individuals to create unique appearances and authentically represent themselves. In collaboration with the AltspaceVR design team, we brought in fifteen artists to tackle aspects of the art production, concepts, design, modeling, marketing materials, and implementation in Unity.

    We took AltspaceVR’s avatars, concepts, and vision and created a range of clothing, hair, accessories, makeup, and facial features. We utilized our diverse team to adapt modern fashion and cultural accessories. In addition to focusing on diversity and variety, the AltspaceVR team also prioritized certain technical aspects of the avatar experience, such as expressive eye movements and natural mouth movements.

    AltspaceVR, Streamline ThumbnailsAltspaceVR, Streamline Thumbnails

    AltspaceVR, Streamline ThumbnailsAltspaceVR, Streamline Thumbnails

    Thanks to our deep knowledge of AltspaceVR’s avatars, we were also able to help with supplemental marketing images. Our marketing team leveraged our experience in multimedia social marketing for our own brands and products to ensure the materials created for AltspaceVR could add extra variety to their collection of marketing assets.

    AltspaceVR x Streamline Studios

    Usually, such high stakes productions are tough even with teams working out of the same office. Amazingly, both teams worked on this project from home and still managed to keep the project on track. The AltspaceVR team is based out of Redmond, USA, and our production team is in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Despite timezone differences, the teams made sure to have regular sync ups to keep everything running smoothly.

    Thanks to the successful collaboration between AltspaceVR and Streamline, individuals now have more variety when creating their avatars. We hope that you all have as much fun using the new avatar system as we did making it.

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