Bake ‘n Switch takes home Game of the Year at Reboot Develop Red 2019


Bake ‘n Switch delivers the buns at Reboot Develop Red, taking home Indie Awards for Game of the Year, Outstanding Gameplay and Visual Excellence

The couch co-op and PvP party game, Bake ‘n Switch is turning up the heat in its run-up to Early Access with a showcasing at Reboot Develop Red last week in Banff where it snagged three out of five Indie Awards, as well as showing at LEVEL UP in Kuala Lumpur this week as a finalist in the SEA Game Awards 2019. 

“We're honoured to be recognized by the game development community. Bake 'n Switch has been a team effort and showcases the talent & capability of Streamline as well as showing what external development studios around the world can do with their own original content,” said Alexander L. Fernandez CEO Streamline Media Group.

Bake ‘n Switch features fast-action party play where players must combine adorable dough creatures and bake them in the oven to fend off such unsavory adversaries as Stickies, Spores and Mouldies. Four Bakers are planned for Early Access launch, including Ginger, Parsley, Thyme and Rosemary with more to be added throughout Early Access, providing level after level of co-op and PvP baking pandemonium! Streamline has regular updates planned for the Early Access phase, which will last several months until commercial launch, and is depending on players to provide feedback and help make Bake ‘n Switch the most fun and tremendously doughy experience possible! 

Add Bake ‘n Switch to your Steam wishlist today to receive regular beta updates and help Streamline build and shape the game, and check out co-op experts Stumpt play the game on their channel.